Visual Artist. Amateur flâneur.

My story with photography started from landscapes and my father's analogue camera. Living by the seaside has given me plenty of opportunities to work on my craft. When I started travelling more often, I focused on cityscapes and travel photography. 

For a few years now, I changed my perspective to a more reportage/documentary approach. I also started writing about the people I met and cultural observations from the Mongolian steppe to the icy waters of the Arctic, from wild parts of Vietnam to jumping rooftops in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

While I'm not saying no to colour, most of the photographs you see here are monochrome. 


* self-taught

Tomasz Tomaszewski Academy (1st and 2nd level)

Featured in:

Lens Culture 2021 B&W Photography Awards gallery

* The 10 Best Travel Photography Portfolio Examples of 2021

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