Marcin Konkel

The Ibiza of Montenegro

Sveti Nikola island, opposite to the town of Budva.The island is 2 kilometres (1 mile) long, and it has an area of 36 hectares (89 acres). The highest point on the island is a cliff that rises 121 metres (397 feet) above the sea.

Every country has it's Ibiza. A city or town that is renown for it's epic parties, music that lasts all day and night where people come with an attitude that there's no tomorrow. In Montenegro - it's Budva. Wikipedia describes it like this: "Although Budva is notable for its long history and its well preserved Old Town, it is not primarily known as a destination for sightseeing or cultural tourism. Unlike Kotor or Dubrovnik, Budva has an image of a crowded beach resort, with lively and vibrant atmosphere and a very active nightlife." This is not far from being true.

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Woo hoo! We have our official domain of #kamchatka2016 project - Project that has already started and we'll be flying to the far away land in Far East Russia in late summer / early autumn next year. You will soon be able to easily access all current information on the preparations, media and, finally, our journey with just one address. Stay tuned as we unveil more information.

For the time being enjoy Kokorev Konstantin's video on surfing in the most remote peninsula I know. 

A dream come true

A scene from a dream or a movie about a beautiful little town, somewhere far away, surrounded by mountains and settled in a picturesque bay. You, sitting with a glass of wine or a beer next to the cove admiring the view and tiny islands here and there. The time is running a bit slower, so you think. People are strolling, having a talk about life, breathing the fresh air. There is no haste or worries, all fades away to give space for the moments to come. The moments for you to stop and listen to your thoughts, dreams, desires. To what you want to do with your life and where your going or just to think about nothing actually and just admire.

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View from above

KOTOR | Saint John chapel with the Bay of Kotor in the back.

Beautiful evenings at Kotor and diving afternoons at the beach have made us want to explore more. We had in mind renting a car earlier to visit neighbouring cities as well as those on the coast line that we had on our route. Unfortunately, the cost of leaving the car was 40+ EUR depending on the city in Montenegro. We were on the budget so this wouldn't do. We rented a Suzuki Swift for 24 hours paying 40 EUR with a 270 EUR deposit at Oasis Rent-a-car. Guys at Oasis are helpful and the rental takes just few minutes if you have all the documents. There were many things we wanted to see and the view on the Bay of Kotor that we've heard do much about was one of them..

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LONDON | A mural near Brick Lane.

Shoreditch, and Brick Lane in particular, are what could be called London's centre of street art. Although, you can find murals and other artwork in all parts of the City, this is the epicentre. Banksy or King Robbo are not the only renown artist that is popular in UK's capital. Lucas Pelizaro, has made a short video for his Visual Essay regarding Space and Time with street art from Shoreditch. You can: "Discover the best street art London has to offer in the heart of Shoreditch, gateway to London’s East End."

As for Banksy, I've tried to track down his works last year - with some success. You can read more about it here. Steve Cotton from has made a map of Banksy's work around London which is regularly updated. If you like his works (I very much do) and are visiting London use it to find some of his works that are still there. Additionally, you can see my gallery of London's street art that is being updated regularly.

Jewel of Montenegro

We heard some stories, we've seen some photographs and got few recommendations not to miss this place. It's been a moment we've been waiting for for a while. The prior destinations we visited on our route (Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnik) were all great in their own way. All had something to offer. In Kotor, thought, we were to stay longer - three days. The drive itself was full of picturesque views and yet, it was only the beginning...

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The Travel Stories - new collaboration

Recently, I started collaborating with The Travel Stories - a travel blog for the best English-language travel stories on the internet. I am really happy to be part of this collective. Kudos go to Chris Dabiri for making this happen. Since now you will be able to read about my travels and places I've visited on The Travel Stories blog. Those need not to be same as you can read here. There will some specials as well. I also encourage you to read stories by other authors such as Michał Huniewicz, Lukas Sommer, Albert González Farran and Chris himself. You can expect beautiful photographs, enchanting stories and lots of inspiration for travelling. See for yourself. You can expect to read my first story (on Mongolia) this Wednesday, Sep 16th.