Marcin Konkel

A treehouse

Remember how you were climbing the trees in your childhood? Being able to sit on a bench and admire the world from above when you were so small and the world so big - that was awesome! Some of us, when (not only) young, were dreaming of having a treehouse. Few had the chance to build one. These guys have met and done just that. It took them one year of work. Foster Huntington has documented the process with a beautiful video. The project was backed on Kickstarter. Read the the story behind it and watch the film below.

"In the Spring of 2014 a small group of close friends broke ground on a building project in Skamania County, Washington in the Columbia River Gorge. Their primary endeavor was a multi-platform tree house, but also included a skate bowl and a wood fired soaking tub as well. The crew came from all over the country and from a variety of backgrounds. Some were professional carpenters, others learned on the job, gaining experience along the way. The Cinder Cone is Foster Huntington’s short film that documents this year-long process of building his dream home with this community of tight knit friends."

Zdravo! You're in Serbia


Zdravo! (sr. здраво) is Serbian for 'hello'. Serbia is our starting point for Balkan Experience 2015. The region has it's name from Balkan Mountains crossing most of the countries of Balkan Peninsula such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and the European part of Turkey.

Below you can see a draft map of the places we're going to visit. In about two, two and a half, week's time we will not manage to discover all of the jewels that this region has to offer. Nevertheless, we'll visit five countries using a plane, train, bus, car and autostop (just to make things a little more fun) and making over 1500 km.

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Tokyo Roar

Tokyo (jp. 東京). Japan’s bustling capital. One of the most expensive cities in the world and one of the most densely populated (6,000/km2). Vibrant, colorfull, sensual. Influencing inhabitants with it's hectic heartbeat and constant influx of information. Sometimes letting them experience a standstill. Brandon Li tells the story of how Tokyo saturates the senses. A story with A.D. Hope's "Tiger" narration read by Tom O'Bedlam. The jungle tiger awakes from sleep. Brilliant work.


Pint of Nicolson's

Sitting down at a table at The Blackfriars Nicolson's Pub vis a vis Blackfriars underground station is an exceptional experience. The building, constructed in 1905 on the site of a Dominican friary, in which the pub is located is itself interesting. Similar to the New York's famous Flatiron though in a smaller scale it holds a place with over 110 years of tradition on the ground floor.

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Last photo

People of New York City, invited by Ivan Cash who travelled there from San Francisco, share their last photo from their cell phone. Some are peculiar, some are regular. It's not only parties or relatives and theres always a story behind them. As Ivan says, he "strives to make content that's honest and human". You can expect as much as that. Enjoy.

Early bird catches the worm

Getting up early is not something that most people fancy. For photographers or video-makers getting up in small hours of the day is often a blessing as they can catch the sun in 'the golden hour' when the light is more than desirable. The closer to summer the earlier one has to get up. This time it was half past five when the sun was reaching the horizon and around eight in the evening when the night was coming. Having my Nikon and GoPro cameras I wanted to capture the spectacle of light that was about to happen.

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