Marcin Konkel


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Analogue Chernobyl

It's actually the name of a studio in Warsaw. Sorry to disappoint you. Below few analogue (Flexaret, Pentax Six, Olympus Pen) shots from a session in May.

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On a leave of absence (from social media)

It's already more than half-a-year when I quit Facebook. The main reason for doing so was a considerable waste of time it brought. In the beginning, I felt I was in the loop with my friends and had the impression that we're in touch through likes or comments. Yet, I found that superficial.

My life is better now. It's more focused and I have more headspace for creative endeavours. I couldn't feel better.

A week ago I started participating in a year-long photographic academy lead by Tomasz Tomaszewski - a great photographer and teacher. Just recently, the events took yet another turn and, since a few days, I'm on a leave of absence from Instagram as well. I've made this decision in order to focus on creative work and find my own artistic voice. The latter was hard for me when seeing hundreds of great photographs (I'm proud of having a well-curated feed) weekly. Yes, inspiration is useful but I have a small collection of albums toward which I can revert if need be.

This move has its basis also in neuroscience and comes from a few books which I recommend. They touch on the subject of gaining more focus and inner contact: "Deep Work" and "Digital Minimalism", both, written by Cal Newport. 

With these actions and readings, I hope to unlock yet another level of attention and interconnectedness. You can expect more posts and videos from me here for the time being.

street style

The leaves were blossoming among the older tenement houses. Spring was showing it's features. At the same time, just around the corner, there was this ubiqutous buzz of never-ending influx of people, things, rushed strolls and hurried thoughs. I observed this urgency from afar. Usually, I was taking part in this spectacle yet this time I remained distanced. I had another urgency to explore. The perfect light of a sun that was setting and the beauty of the model that was in this moment with grace. Capturing both was a perfect match.

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In Poland, the Independence Day on Nov 11th is a peculiar experience - especially in Warsaw. It's used as an excuse for various kinds of protests and nationalist movements. It's far from celebrating freedom, let alone patriotism. Unfortunately. Few shots from my brief moment experiencing a march in Warsaw's city centre.

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This is my favourite time of the year. I prefer the colder seasons to the warmer ones. The abundance of colours and the melancholy it brings both gives it a transcendental meaning. One may say that it's an uttering platitude yet, only in experiencing and being mindful it can be rediscovered as a non-cliché.

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