Marcin Konkel

Chilly Sweden and warm fika

A train ride, a cab ride, another cab ride, two flights and a train. Finally, I'm in. That's how it sometimes is with those airline fares. Travelling from Poznan, through Warsaw, to Stockholm is half the price as from Warsaw directly. I'm in a city encompassing fourteen islands that, as such, resembles Polish Wroclaw. Not much more similarities came to my mind at first. On the other hand, I was not looking for them and focusing my attention on embracing what I see so "Hello Stockholm! So nice to meet you!". In this brief journey there were couple of things to do and see. What is fika? Why is 3,5% the strongest beer you can buy? What are the Swedes most proud of? Find out the answers as you read.

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From Stockholm with love

Pierre Oberkampf is a multi-talented artist. Apart from being a composer and a photographer, he is also a video producer. Picture & original music for the below movie about Stockholm are created by Pierre. The production does not shock with spectacular landscapes or vivid colours. It surprises the viewer with a rather melancholic features of Sweden's capital city. Yet, together with a well composed soundtrack, it reveals a more mundane, so to say, view on Stockholm. See for yourself.

A journey for a smile

It's when I started fulfilling my dream of travelling giving the foundations for #projects. It's like a bug that's incurable once you get going. It gives you freedom and you have to give back with expanding your comfort zone. You meet dozens of people which help but it's you that make the decisions if you'll use their help. I'm talking about hitchhiking of course but let's begin from the start..

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The plan - Камчатка 2016

Planning is something needed at times especially if you want to know your budget that you'll need to have. Same goes for saving up some money in order to find the best price-quality ratio. It's quite easy to spend money to complete your dreams and desires. It's harder (or easier?) to make it as cheap as possible and still have a blast. The constraints have something fun in them because they urge you to think and be creative. That's why the more money you have doesn't necessarily mean that that you're gonna have more fun. When things come too easy to us we tend not to value them enough.

Volcano Koryaksky (Kamchatka) at Sunrise. Copyright (C) by kuhnmi ( Used under CC BY 2.0 licence.

Few of the above thoughts were accompanying us when designing the plan for our Kamchatka 2016 expedition. We have passed on going to Japan (flights too expensive) and pondered a bit on North Korea (still do) as an extension of our trip from Vladivostok. For the time being though we have what we need - an agreed plan and we're waiting for the promo's to come and to do our first bookings. Read more to find out what have we planned.

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More than one life

"Everything you can learn, and everything that defines you is just a relative version of reality. Your version of the truth." - says Krzysztof Gonciarz (a Polish vloger) in his movie about Hong Kong. A city that, as New York, also does not sleep much but is located in the other part of the world. It is so densely populated (7 million inhabitants) and has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world that you'll be amazed how many new faces you can see with a single walk on the street.

"You can spend a lifetime learning about Hong Kong and still only scratch the surface".

The most interesting fact about the movie that Krzysztof made is how he made it and how's he telling the story. This is how travel movies should look like.

Kamchatka travel diaries

Voulcanos on Kamchatka. Photograph (C) by Jolanta Siedlecka. See for more.

As we dig in deeper and craft the draft plan we find that not much is written about Kamchatka, the remote peninsula or Russian Far East. Or it's not easily accessible at least. We are reaching out to people and talking about our plans. Jola is one of these people. She has visited this remote land few months ago and has agreed to support us in terms of gathering information and contacts to locals. Jola is a traveller and has seen quite a bit of the world. She is blogging in Polish at "Dzienniki z podróży" (en. Travel diaries). Her last posts are about the journey in question. I've asked Jola about the impressions on Kamchatka and what were the highlights of her journey.

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Land of kings

Neftali, a Costa Rican "aspiring filmmaker and uprising blogger" as he call himself has visited India in 2015. The region in particular that he explored was Rajasthan ("Land of kings" in literal translation) - India's largest state by area. He catches the Indian spirit and explores what the culture has to offer.