Marcin Konkel

Cape Agulhas, South Africa / 2019

Hi! My name is Marcin and I'm a photographer.

I travel to distant and, often, less frequented destinations to grasp a story or place that I can bring to wider-attention. From the Mongolian steppe to icy waters of the Arctic, from the wild parts of Vietnam to jumping rooftops in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Since many years I try to live by a motto where: "The greatest risk in life is the risk of riskless living". I believe that taking risks and courage are necessary to truly live one's life. My adventure with travel begun with two events - autostop championships in Europe and Trans-Mongolian railway journey.

Subscribe, see some of the recent projects I'm working on and see some of my videos on my YouTube channel.


* Radio Afera (Feb 22nd, 2020) aired 7 pm in "Nędza" radio show at 98.6 FM

* Amore del Tropico (Poznań, Feb 15th, 2020) club - "Why are you so afraid of us? A post-USSR world" - together with Dorian we will mention a few of our stories about travelling through Central and West Asia

* Południk Zero (Warsaw, Apr 17th, 2019)- "Close encounters with the East - from Arctic Circle to Tien Shan mountains" a speech combined with an exhibition of photographs in the most popular travel club/pub in Warsaw.