Marcin Konkel

"Two men walking through a field" - from Through the Express Window project

A while back I have regarded every major excursion as a project. This helped me arrange things and encapsulate them in a single drawer. Nowadays, the former projects started being the new normal and I concentrated more on following a specific subject in my work. These are the 'new' projects.

#thefield (2019-ongoing) - discovering Mokotów Field in Warsaw throughout the year - the people, the magic, the extraordinary in an over year-long project.

#toutdesuite (2018-ongoing) - there is something to instant photography that gives freedom of instant expression while at the same time being constrained by the number of photographs in the pack and, somewhat, uncontrolled effects. Shot on Polaroid cameras by a collective of artists.

#expresswindowproject (2014-2018) - reliving how it was once to travel a train while being focused on the world outside and seeing untouched moments from people and nature's lives. Read more in a story here.

#interviews (2014-2017) - my conversations with photographers, travellers and designers to learn more about their perspectives in a set of inquisitive and to the point questions.