Where there is a shadow there is also a souce of light” - said a friend of mine while referring to the work of Carl Gustav Jung. Our conversation concerned the ways of how our subconscious mind can hold us back in certain moments. How past and present tend to mix in the utmost peculiar of ways. It can alter, for a fraction of time or longer, how we act and what we tend to believe in and, in effect, influence our future. 

For some this effect might be fascinating while for others it stands as a source of constant anxiety. I find myself in the middle while, from time to time, swaying in both directions. 

I believe our pain can be a source of immense creativity and resonance if we let it. Of course, I’m not talking about celebrating or romanticising human sufferring. Far from it. What I mean is going on a journey “through” not “at”and collecting what is around - words, photographs, moments in memory. This focus can perhaps save us from tunneling inside our own mind indefinitely.

The sun always comes up. Every day. It might be hard to notice on a gray winter afternoon.

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