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  1. 2023_11_25

    The high tide is slowly taking up space on the beach. The sun is already set and sharing its last brush strokes on a charmingly mellow sky. The sound of waves is crashing on the adjacent temple’s steps and, by no sheer coincidence, rumbles among the tables of people taking…

  2. 2023_11_19

    SAUDADE reminders keep showing up drawing more attention not minding the time  and calling out significance gratitude memories longing values grief. ### listen

  3. 2023_11_10

    the messages almost sent the words almost spoken  the conversations that never happened the feelings never felt endings.

  4. 2023_10_25

    visible or seen, fearless or fear less, idle or present.

  5. 2023_10_19

    coincidental encounters to be hugged require attention instead of thought seeing instead of  wanting experiencing instead of insisting

  6. 23_09_18

    The blurriness comes when the shades are down and the mind is rushing. Clarity comes from light being shed on what is underneath that rush. 

  7. 23_09_12

    I’m sitting on the 16th floor of a hotel in Jakarta. I have a thin slice of the city on the palm of my hand. In each corner or a nook wherever I look I find life and a short story. It’s evening. The city takes few last short breaths…

  8. 23_4_08

    Saudade is a feeling that recently dominates my imaginative landscape and parts of my heart. It reminds me of the locations and people I met.  For those curious of the meaning, the word itself comes from Portugese language and cannot be translated directly.  Wikipedia makes an effort, to my liking,…

  9. 23_03_04

    Start killing your darlings. One of the rules in photography, when preparing your material, during the selection phase is not to be afraid to kill your darlings. Darlings being all the photographs that you love, and probably only you understand.  In a professional setting, personal preference does not matter (with…

  10. 23_02_18

    The night comes with anxiety and anxiety brings friends when ignored

  11. 23_02_10

    Where there is a shadow there is also a souce of light” - said a friend of mine while referring to the work of Carl Gustav Jung. Our conversation concerned the ways of how our subconscious mind can hold us back in certain moments. How past and present…

  12. 22_12_19

    I see the nooks, rocks, tiny sand peninsulas formed, as if accidentally, by the ocean. Walking, I notice the footsteps of others before me. The water evaporates on the hot as hell black beach sand. It creates a misty vail on the horizon. It’s soothing. It resets my internal systems.…

  13. 22_10_11

    Note to self. Make space for new by going cart blanche. No reading, writing, free from thoughts of others. 

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