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  1. 23_03_20

    She was dancing in the breeze, hugged by early rays of sunshine. Model: Zoey. Bali, Indonesia. 2022.

  2. 23_02_18

    The night comes with anxiety and anxiety brings friends when ignored

  3. 23_01_27

    The mundane interchanges with excitement Excitement swims with anxiety Anxiety fades away surrounded by hope Hope lights up confidence Confidence breeds action

  4. 23_01_24

  5. 23_01_17

    “Create art even if nobody cares.”

  6. 23_01_08

  7. 22_12_19

    I see the nooks, rocks, tiny sand peninsulas formed, as if accidentally, by the ocean. Walking, I notice the footsteps of others before me. The water evaporates on the hot as hell black beach sand. It creates a misty vail on the horizon. It’s soothing. It resets my internal systems.…

  8. 22_12_07

    Model: Zoey. Bali, Indonesia. 2022.

  9. 22_11_12

  10. 22_10_12

    I hop on a motorbike expecting the inevitable. It’s a very light rain outside, but I know things can change in a blink of an eye. I speed up to make it on time, passing a few people dressed in jackets and ponchos going the other way. The streetlights are…

  11. Silence

    Words create limitations but silence, oh silence, you are so rich and limitless“  - this is a quote from the front cover of Silvia Pogoda’s photographic album named “Butterflies”. The quote profoundly describes to me the meaning of isolation (in the positive sense). I understand silence here not…

  12. Sunrises and sunsets

    A classical look at nature’s most wonderful spectacles. Sunset viewed from Lombok island. A lonely Jukung during sunset on Lombok. Mt Agung in early evening.

  13. Happiness

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