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  1. 2024_01_12

    past the breakers

  2. 2023_11_25

    The high tide is slowly taking up space on the beach. The sun is already set and sharing its last brush strokes on a charmingly mellow sky. The sound of waves is crashing on the adjacent temple’s steps and, by no sheer coincidence, rumbles among the tables of people taking…

  3. 2023_11_19

    SAUDADE reminders keep showing up drawing more attention not minding the time  and calling out significance gratitude memories longing values grief. ### listen

  4. 2023_10_19

    coincidental encounters to be hugged require attention instead of thought seeing instead of  wanting experiencing instead of insisting

  5. 23_09_12

    I’m sitting on the 16th floor of a hotel in Jakarta. I have a thin slice of the city on the palm of my hand. In each corner or a nook wherever I look I find life and a short story. It’s evening. The city takes few last short breaths…

  6. 23_03_20

    She was dancing in the breeze, hugged by early rays of sunshine. Model: Zoey. Bali, Indonesia. 2022.

  7. 23_02_18

    The night comes with anxiety and anxiety brings friends when ignored

  8. 23_01_27

    The mundane interchanges with excitement Excitement swims with anxiety Anxiety fades away surrounded by hope Hope lights up confidence Confidence breeds action

  9. 23_01_24

  10. 23_01_17

    “Create art even if nobody cares.”

  11. 23_01_08

  12. 22_12_19

    I see the nooks, rocks, tiny sand peninsulas formed, as if accidentally, by the ocean. Walking, I notice the footsteps of others before me. The water evaporates on the hot as hell black beach sand. It creates a misty vail on the horizon. It’s soothing. It resets my internal systems.…

  13. 22_12_07

    Model: Zoey. Bali, Indonesia. 2022.

  14. 22_12_06

    The reef is swaying from side to side. The giant monsters keep sweeping it’s surface where the waves collide. They do it with grace yet require respect due to their sheer size. It’s another day on the ocean bed where the different worlds meet and live in symbiosis. Whether that’s…

  15. 22_11_12

  16. 22_10_12

    I hop on a motorbike expecting the inevitable. It’s a very light rain outside, but I know things can change in a blink of an eye. I speed up to make it on time, passing a few people dressed in jackets and ponchos going the other way. The streetlights are…

  17. Silence

    Words create limitations but silence, oh silence, you are so rich and limitless“  - this is a quote from the front cover of Silvia Pogoda’s photographic album named “Butterflies”. The quote profoundly describes to me the meaning of isolation (in the positive sense). I understand silence here not…

  18. Sunrises and sunsets

    A classical look at nature’s most wonderful spectacles. Sunset viewed from Lombok island. A lonely Jukung during sunset on Lombok. Mt Agung in early evening.

  19. Happiness

  20. .

    The thick air with distinct flavours of petrol is filling my lungs. The virgin sidewalks of an old city rarely used by a human being are accompanying the streets. Walking them is like rapid parkour training for newbies. The adjacent concrete streets are filled with a constant influx of roaring…

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