I hop on a motorbike expecting the inevitable. It’s a very light rain outside, but I know things can change in a blink of an eye. I speed up to make it on time, passing a few people dressed in jackets and ponchos going the other way. The streetlights are dim, and I rarely sew any soul, as if everyone is expecting the moment the sky will fall.

I arrive at the pantai Pererenan and look around. The pristine waves are coming and going. The darkness selects for me what I should be seeing. The skies blend with the sea. I can see the tension on the black canvass. I feel I want to take this moment in entirely, yet I fail with my mind making suggestions I should be elsewhere. I take a few shots.

The rain increases. I hop on the back and make haste. In a few minutes, I will see the torrents of rain pouring down. Making waves, creating rivers, and cleansing mother earth from whatever is on the surface. 


Note to self.

Make space for new by going cart blanche. No reading, writing, free from thoughts of others. 

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