I see the nooks, rocks, tiny sand peninsulas formed, as if accidentally, by the ocean. Walking, I notice the footsteps of others before me. The water evaporates on the hot as hell black beach sand. It creates a misty vail on the horizon. It’s soothing. It resets my internal systems. It reminds and helps to forget.

I have my path set long time ago. I go back and forth as a form of tradition, meditation, sometimes as a form of escapism.

It takes away the worries, brings peace among the solitude. The sun, in it’s ritual fall, adds pastel colours. Same as in a recipe when you add your favourite flavour on top. Just as much and as little so it’s not ruined.

Everything sets in place. There is only one sunset in a day.  


“All civilisations have a tendency toward narcissism, and the stronger the civilisation, the more clearly this tendency will appear. It spurs civilisations into conflict with others, triggering their arrogance and lust for domination.This always involves contempt for Others.” 

― Ryszard Kapuściński, The Other


The reef is swaying from side to side. The giant monsters keep sweeping it’s surface where the waves collide. They do it with grace yet require respect due to their sheer size.

It’s another day on the ocean bed where the different worlds meet and live in symbiosis. Whether that’s mantas eating plankton, fish cleaning turtle’s shell or fish eating smaller fish. 

They are all minding their own business whether being watched or not. 

Knowing their purpose and embracing the cycle of life.

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